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Fantastic Books at unbelievable prices

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Alchemy and AlchemistsAlchemy & Alchemists by Sean Martin

Pub. list price: $19.50

Our price: $5.99

The history of Alchemy from its humble beginnings in Egypt and China, through the Hellenistic world and into medieval Europe, with special focus on prominent figures such as Nicholas Flamel.


ChaucerChaucer by Peter Ackroyd

Pub. list price: $23.95

Our price: $6.99

Peter Ackroyd takes readers on a journey into the life of Geoffrey Chaucer, the man behind The Canterbury Tales.


Primitive RebelsPrimitive Rebels by Eric Hobsbawm

Pub. list price: $22.50

Our price: $6.99

A wonderful look into the revolutions that helped shape Western Civilization and the bandits, reformers and rebels who helped change the world.


The Secret RoomsThe Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey

Pub. list price: $17.00

Our price: $6.99

Follow Catherine Bailey as she discovers the mystery behind one of the most powerful families in Britain leading up to World War One.


The Ark Before NoahThe Ark Before Noah by Irving Finkel

Pub. list price: $30.00

Our price: $7.99

Discover the history behind the story of Noah’s Ark and the Babylonian tablet that lead Dr. Finkel on a journey to the past.


MusicophiliaMusicophilia by Oliver Sacks

Pub. list price: $18.95

Our price: $7.99

Musicophilia examines the affect music has on the brain, through the experiences of everyday people, gifted musicians and those suffering neurological afflictions.


Out of the FlamesOut of the Flames by Lawrence & Nancy Goldstone

Pub. list price: $17.95

Our price: $7.99

The Chrisitianismi Restituto, only just survived being burned in Renaissance Europe; Out of the Flames follows the life of the author Servetus and the political influence of his book.


ApostleApostle by Tim Bissell

Pub. list price: $37.95

Our price: $8.99

Explore the life and times of the twelve apostles with Tim Bissell as he tries to unlock some the mysteries of Christianity.


The 50sThe 50s: The Story of a Decade Edited by The New Yorker

Pub. list price: $45.00

Our price: $8.99

An insightful portrayal of the 1950s in America.


VegetablesVegetables by Antonio Carluccio

Pub. list price: $35.00

Our price: $9.99

This beautiful cookbook features over 100 recipes each staring different vegetables, with colour photos throughout this book will have you looking forward to eating your vegetables.

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