August Remainder Newsletter 3

Fantastic Books at unbelievable prices

Stock is limited at each location, and prices are only available while supplies last


BatsBats by Phil Richardson

Pub. list price: $19.99

Our price: $5.99

From the evolution of bats to how you can help bats through conservation efforts, with colour photographs throughout this is a wonderful source of information for everything about bats.


Ghost on the ThroneGhost on the Throne by James Romm

Pub. list price: $20.00

Our price: $7.99

A fascinating look at what happened to Alexander the Great’s empire after he died, with two “heirs” and six generals all fighting for power.


The Magic of RealityThe Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins

Pub. list price: $18.99

Our price: $7.99

Richard Dawkins takes a?look at a wide range of natural wonders with the jaw dropping thought experiments and enthralling scientific truths behind some of nature’s most amazing phenomena.


Strange GodsStrange Gods by Susan Jacoby

Pub. list price: $38.95

Our price: $8.99

A close look at?religious conversions throughout history from a secular perspective, with great attention brought to the many reasons why people convert and how conversions have affected culture and history.


The Evolution of TypeThe Evolution of Type by Tony Seddon

Pub. list price: $29.95

Our price: $8.99

A wonderful guide to typeface, from the earliest typefaces to the most modern digital ones, with a full page dedicated to each type and in depth descriptions on typographical characters and how their use has changed over time.


Shores of KnowledgeShores of Knowledge by Joyce Appleby

Pub. list price: $28.50

Our price: $8.99

Go on an?adventure through the age of exploration, starting with Columbus and ending with Darwin. Learn about the great failures and triumphs that helped spread scientific imagination and led to the world today.


The Cabaret of PlantsThe Cabaret of Plants by Richard Mabey

Pub. list price: $38.95

Our price: $9.99

Take a trip around the world to explore the relationship between humans and plants, with colour photographs and illustrations throughout.


Book of New YorkBook of New York, Edited by the New York Times

Pub. list price: $27.95

Our price: $9.99

A fantastic read with?more than 200 articles, photographs, maps, and charts about New York City and the people that call it home.

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